The Nirsal Microfinance bank a few days ago throw its loan Applicants into an anxious state with a tweet stating “COMING SOON”. A situation that left many asking what the bank is up to.

Today, NMFB has revealed what their coming soon statement meant. What they meant is that the New NMEB Improved and Customer-friendly AGSMEIS Loan Application Portal will be launched soon.
This probably means the AGSMEIS Loan applicants will be getting first-hand information regarding loan application and repayment via the portal when fully upgraded.
For now, the only way AGSMEIS applicants can repay their loans is to visit the nearest NMFB branch closer to them. 


  1. God bless fed govt,cbn and Nirsal macrofinance bank with the Allah guidance they will continue to disburse agsmeis loan for those who are already take their interview for the fast eight months in this month April 2021 in order to burst our business pls


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