Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme
Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme

The Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS) Loan was established by the CBN and Federal Ministry of Agriculture to fast track the development of the agricultural sector in Nigeria by giving loans support to businesses like yours.

As an agricultural business owner, you can be a beneficiary of the Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS) N200 billion Fund.
  • Features of CACS Loan:
1. Maximum obligor limit is N2 billion for medium and large scale private sector enterprises while there are no limits for state governments.
2. A sa participating private sector entity, you must have a minimum farm asset base of N5Omillion (excluding farm land).
3. Irrevocable Standing Payment Order is required in the case of State Governments.
  • Benefits of CACS Loan:
1. Single digit interest rate 9% maximum attached to the CACS loan.
2. Available of fund from 2021 till 2025.
  • Who Can Apply for CACS Loan:
1. Medium or Large Scale Commercial Farms involved in cultivation of crops, rearing of livestock, fisheries, etc.
2. Limited Liability Companies involved in agricultural production, storage, processing, marketing and enterprise development.
3. State Governments and the FCT (fo r lending/special intervention to smé scale farmers).
Required Documents for CACS Loan:
1) Formal application for a credit Facility.
2) Certificate of Incorporation.
3) Memorandum and Article of Association.
4) Board Resolution to Borrow.
5) Feasibility Study/Business Plan.
  • How To Apply for CACS Loan:
To apply for any of our facilities contact the Agric Finance Desk through Email on: or visit the link to fill the online contact form.
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