N-power Application

N-power Application – The registration and mandatory test for N-power Batch C recruitment has been close.

During N-power Application all applicants have supply their Bank Verification Number (BVN), uploaded their documents and take a mandatory N-power test on nasims portal for better identification of each applicants”. 

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The Federal Government has announced plans to expand the N-Power programme from the present 500,000 beneficiaries to one million N-power Beneficiaries.

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This is to ensure job creation and poverty alleviation through Safety Net Programmes to cushion the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Millions of Nigerian have applied for the Programme, but some will be disqualify automatically due to the certain reasons stated below:-

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5 things that Disqualify your application from getting N-power job.

1. If the Name of your BVN is not the same with the name you use during Registration, System will automatically disqualify you from step 1.

2. If you Mistaken fill wrong Account number, or BVN. The system will not be able to match the wrong Account you fill with any BVN Name.

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3. If you Mistaken select another class of degree during registration e.g if you are NCE graduate, make sure you select NCE.

4. If you don’t pass the online test, N-power test is very simple and easy to pass, but you didn’t pass it, you will not be qualified for physical verification.

5. If you are one of former N-power Beneficiaries, system will automatically disqualify your application.

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