Survival fund Scheme

The objective of the Federal Government Survival Fund Scheme is to help with the digital registration, on-boarding and monitoring of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The program includes Payroll Support, Guaranteed Offtake and MSME Grant.

The program will also enable the inventory management of the Guaranteed Offtake Scheme.
The program is part of the Economic Sustainability Plan, which aims to support and protect private sector businesses from the potential vulnerabilities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
How To Apply For Survival Fund Scheme:

1. Go to to register on the CRM MIS Platform.

2. Click on the ‘START HERE’ button displayed on the homepage, to begin your registration.
3. Select ‘Guaranteed Offtake Scheme’ The MSME Guaranteed Offtake Scheme is one of the Federal Government’s economic support measures to assist micro and small businesses affected by the pandemic.
4. The head of the business expected to fill in his/her personal details in this section.
• Please ensure that you have access to the mobile phone number and email address that you use for the registration.
• Use a password you can easily remember.
5. Upon registration, you will receive an activation code on the registered mobile number and email address.
• You will be prompted to enter the activation code HERE to activate your account.
• If you did not receive the activation code, kindly click on ‘Don’t have an activation code’to resend code again.
6. Account has been successfully activated. Click on ‘Login Here’ to continue.
7. Login with your registered phone number and password.
• If you forgot your password, kindly click on ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password.
8. Welcome to your dashboard!
• You can update your residential address, by clicking on the ‘Update Address’ button on the dashboard.
• Please note that all requested information must be submitted here. Do not submit via email!
9. Click on‘Manage Organisation’ on the side menu to add your organisation details.
• Please note that the boxes with * are compulsory.
• Your CAC details must be veried successfully before you can add your organisation’s details.
• Please note that you have ve attempts to verify your CAC correctly.
• You are expected to enter your company name as it is on your CAC certicate.
• Please enter the numeric character of your CAC Number only. and click the verify button to check status.
• When veried, ll the information, scroll downand click on ‘Add Organisation’ to submit.
• This is your prole page. Please use this page to monitor information on the Federal Government Guaranteed Offtake Scheme Programme, developed as part of the Nigeria Economic Sustainability Plan.
10. Click on ‘Manage Account’ on the side menu to add the organisation’s account detail.
• The Bank Verification Number (BVN), Account Name, Bank Name. and Phonenumbers.
• Kindly enter in account details as reected in your bank account. [Please note that your details can not be edited once you submit].
11. Click on ‘Product Application’ on the side menu, or the button on the prole page to add your product.
• Please read the ‘Steps and requirements’ before clicking on the ‘Proceed to Next Step’ button.
12. Select Product:-
• When you select your product subtype, the product quantity, product category, product description, unit price, and expected quantity will be automatically inputted by the system.
• Click on ‘View Warehouse list’ to see the location of warehouses in your state.
• Enter the Product NAFDAC Number and click on ‘Validate NAFDAC’. You will see the status of your NAFDAC Number displayed.
• You will upload an image of the product to be supplied (this will be used in a later stage to verify that product supplied is as expected).
• Click on ‘Add Product’ to submit.
• You will get a notication when your product application has been verified.
• Following the verication of your product and having met the selection criteria, you will be awarded a contract to either accept or decline the purchase offer.
• Continue to check your dashboard for the status of your application.
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