National Identification Number (NIN)

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced the procedures on how to download and print the improved National Identification Number (NIN) slip.

This is following the launch of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) new Mobile Web Service (MWS) application.
According to the information released by NIMC Nigerians who want to get the improved National Identification Number (NIN) slip should follow the simple steps below:
Steps to Download the Improved NIN Slip:
1. Download the NIMC MWS app by going to either apple store or google play store :
Download Links:-
URL to Apple store:
2. After a successful login, navigate to the “I need a pin” menu and click on it.
3. You would find your userID and OTP to login to the NIMC web portal on the following links;
4. After a successful login to the web portal.
5. Navigate to the “Print Improved NIN Slip” menu and click to download your NIN Slip.
NOTE: If you get an error message that says “UserID does not exist” when you try to login to the portal.
Follow the steps below:
1. Login to your NIMC MWS application and navigate to the “Settings” menu.
2. Click on “Wipe Mobile ID Data”.
3. You will be requested to input your NIN.
4. Upon a successful login to your NIMC MWS application.
5. Navigate to the “I need a pin” menu and click on it, you will find your “UserID and OTP” to login to the portal.
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