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Are you one of those who applied for the NMFB CBN Loans If yes, you are in the right place, I advised you read this article on how to calculate your CBN NMFB Loan using NMFB Loan calculator under the two product type which are below:

NMFB CBN Loans Intervention Applicants including: Covid-19 TCF, ABP, AGSMEIS, and NYIF Loan Beneficiary.

On-Balance sheet includes: Salad, petty now now, SME plus loan Beneficiaries or a prospective loan.

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How To Calculate NMFB CBN Loans Step by Steps;

NMFB CBN Loans – We have seen some loan applicants getting confused about not getting the exact amount of loan approved for them, some also complain about certain deductions from the approved loans so we decided to create this post to help you calculate your CBN loans using NMFB Loan Calculator.

How To Calculate Your NMFB CBN Loans Using The NMFB Loan Calculator

For Beneficiaries:

For Non-Beneficiaries/Prospective Applicants:

Your loan result will be displayed in window in the following format:

  • Loan amount.
  • Total Interest.
  • 4% upfront charge.
  • Total Interest after upfront charge.
  • Monthly amount due.

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